I am a fifth year PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at Georgia State University.  I am also a 2018 National Academy of Education/ Spencer Dissertation fellow

My research utilizes quasi-experimental methods to study issues in education, labor, health, and public economics, with a primary focus on higher education policies, college financing, and experimental interventions.  My most recent works examined the impact of  need-based financing policies, performance standards,  and public recognition on students' post-secondary decisions and labor market outcomes. These works utilized untapped administrative student-level data from Jamaica.

The courses I have taught recently  have covered the areas of applied econometrics, the economics of poverty and the design and evaluation of public policy. 

Department of Economics                                                                               Andrew Young School of Policy Studies                                                   Georgia State University                                                                                     14 Marietta Street NW                                                                               Atlanta, GA 30303-2813          

 Email:       nwright16@gsu.edu                                                                                              gsunwright16@gmail.com                                                       



Working Papers:


Wright, N.   "Need-Based Financing Policies, College Decision-Making and Labor Market Behavior"  (Job Market Paper)

Wright, N.  "Perform Better, or Else: Academic Probation, Public Praise and Students Decision-Making"


Wright, N.  "New Evidence on the Causal Impact of Traffic Safety Laws on Drunk Driving Fatalities" (with La-Troy Lee)

Work in Progress: 


Wright, N"What Does My Degree Class Tell You? The Labor Market Return to the Graduating Degree Classification".

Wright, N.  "Teacher Quality and High School Performance:  Evidence from a Math Specialist Intervention"(with  Patrice Anderson)

Wright, N.  "Can Nudging Improve Student Loan Repayment: Evidence from a Messaging Experiment in Jamaica"(with  P. Arora &  R. Bell)

Dissertation:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ChairTom Mroz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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